Next Gen Xbox News!

Xbox concept render-580-75

Hey folks

Been reading up some more on the next gen Xbox whether you want to call it the ‘720’ or ‘Durango’ either way the new Dbox has been having some of its features leaked recently, whether they are or not in fact true but it is sounding quite promising, so for starters the friends list cap of 100 people is going apparently its increasing hopefully its infinite aha, either way nice to hear its going up! Secondly apparently how you add friends will be different now, instead of just adding friends it will be just like twitter you can follow gamers and they can follow you back if they choose to do so so this sounds quite cool tbh, and my favorite one I’ve recently found out that yes gamerscore is definitely carrying over which is a relief for me and my almost 300k gamerscore but here’s the cool thing you know how usually new achievements get added in mostly when they add new Dlc for titles, well apparently developers can add achievements to titles at any time and keep adding when ever they like which will keep gamers hooked and give them a reason not to trade games in so much because more content will keep adding to it, I think its a brilliant idea, however I don’t think ill be 100% every game I get aha I wont be able to keep track of all the titles,
There a few rumors going around that the release date is going to be November 22nd now I wouldn’t listen to this its just what’s going around at the moment if anything I hope you will all be like us and on may 21st you shall be watching the Xbox reveal event live at 6:00 UK time. We are pretty exited for it ourselves, but tell us what’s your fondest memory of your whole Xbox experience?


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