Far Cry 3


Free Fall 5
Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).
Throughout the game you’ll come across gliders which are in most cases on the high hills of the island. Only a few of these though are high enough to reach the 100m mark. The earliest and best one is on the upper left side of the island which you’ll head over to early on in the game. Head to these coordinates – X: 442.4, Y: 651.1 – to find the glider. Now grab hold of it with and glide out to the water in front of you.Don’t move the gliders position and just head straight. Keep looking down with the until you’re over the water and when you’re in a good position, hold to drop from the sky. Once you hit the water, the achievement will unlock.
Inked Up 5
Earn 5 skill tattoos.
Please refer to ‘Fully Inked’ for more details.
Fully Inked 30
Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills.
To earn every Tattoo (Tatau), you’ll need to earn XP by playing through the game. XP can be gained by completing missions, doing side tasks like the WANTED Dead/Path of the Hunter, taking over Outposts or Crafting. For each time you level up, as shown in the Skill menu, you’ll receive 1 Skill Point to use.Not all Skills will be available to you from the start and some will only unlock once you’ve progressed in the main story or completed certain objectives. I’ll list below the few you should really try and complete before you advance too far into the story.Heron TreeDual Death From Below
Allows you to kill two people simultaneously from below for 7.5 times normal experience per kill.
– Requires you to perform one Death from Below killhttps://twitter.com/gamesrack/status/288957763952996352/photo/1Spider Tree

Ninja Step
You make less noise while running and sprinting.
– Requires you to liberate 2 outposts without being detected

The 1 in the Ninja Tree will be impossible to unlock if you’ve taken over all Outposts in the game but have not completed the Skills objective. So make sure you get this done as soon as possible as they get harder the further you get into the game. The other 2 in the Heron Tree aren’t as hard or missable, but may be extremely hard to come across later on in the game again when all the Outposts are gone.

Missing any of these 3 will result in you having to start the game again and playthrough quite far for the required Skills.

Money to Burn 15
Spend $5000 at the shop.
This should come naturally as you play through the game. Even if the guns become free due to you taking over Outposts, each one will have something you can buy to customise it. This is accumulative, so you not have to spend $5000 all in one go.
Say Hi to the Internet 10
Find the lost Hollywood star.
This achievement can be located at these coordinates X: 619.7, Y: 559.4 on the main island. It’ll be easier to get later on in the game when you’ve unlocked more of the island, but it can be obtained at any point.Once you’ve reached the location, look for the bodies hanging from the tree. A little to the left side of them (back to the water) and buried into the sand you should look out for a head popping out of the sand. Head over to it, then press and hold on the head to unlock the achievement.

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