Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Call Of Duty:Black Ops 2

Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_II_Game_CoverHi guys this game has been out for a while now and i will run through the general consensus of the game. now, there has always hype surrounding call of duty considering that is represented in the facts by being one of the highest selling franchises of all time.
for a long time fellow gamers have been split between treyarch and activision this decision had been coming for some time as was the wish of the gaming community. the question is whether this partnership worked well or if they needed to go back to the drawing board.
what made the story line appealing was the shift of game play between two different times. this was appealing to most because people love a game that has in depth story which treyarch has always brought to the table firstly with world at war.
the strong cast and detail given to the story was what people loved and waw in my eyes would be one of, if not the best modern remakes of the world war. if you are a new to first person shooter games treyarch’s storyline will give you that excitement that you look for as it opens a window to relive the past and adds a fantasy element at the same time.
lets not forget that in this game activision defiantly had there own stamp on black ops two. activision really came on the scene with call of duty 4, and it becomes apparent again in black ops two as the shift into the future time zones, displays the realistic elements of the game. this is shown previously in modern warfare two, whereby the storyline and online immersed you into the battlefield and felt like you were at war. this is a route which needs to be persued as this generation is always looking for the next level of realism which was devliered in the half the game which let down in ratings.

cod2black ops was a good venture as it did keep the interest of most gamers, i wondered whether the reason why the teamed up was to create originality in terms of call of duty typical storylines which they did create something new. however it was only a merge of collective knowledge between both company’s to create orginality. the link of future storyline was weak because the future jsoc leader david mason had very little involvement or mention in the past timeline, which gave the impression that the future story line and past had not been merged but slapped together.The online aspect kept the game alive and sold more as a respect of it online game play, because it kept the modern warfare style which we know and love. if these two companys need to create a cohesiveness and work together to create a game which takes there strengths and create a new game not a predictable one, thats to clear where involvement is given the feel the game is spilt down the middle between the two companys. were to work together they might want to consider a middle ground rather than very clear and distinctive differneces between the two in the game.

The new COD saw the arrival of the new zombies game play which for most is the reason why they buy Black ops in the first place. The one main problem is that zombies can be repetitive and displayed in the Kino Der Toten map in Black ops 1. The game feature in the new game was the arrival of the game Tranzit, this meant that as a fellow gamer the interest stay alive longer this is because you travel to new destinations to continue the fight. Treyarch in this respect adding transit to Tranzit added a new dimension and created less repetition in the gameplay. I think treyarch listened to gamers much more because they have added different game play in terms of skill so that less people would be frustrated with the gameplay. For example in custom games you can change the skill level to easy this give gamers a much more fight change when facing endless hordes. Also hellhounds can still be added to the game as well as changing the starting level in order to get rid of some of the unnecessary boredom, however these feature are only available in custom games which can be played online with friends but not ranked on the leaderboards.


If running is not your style and you wish the face the horror you can limit the gameplay to a single area, like bus depot, town or farm. However for the gamers that like the challenge custom games or bus depot map on its own means that most or none of the magic features are not available, therefore the level you get to is purely based on your skill level. One thing that was a smart move by Treyarch was the installment for the bank whereby the money you get from kills you can bank in town for other games but only in tranzit, this means that gamers wont be as annoyed if they go down because they have banked money for perks and guns. the trouble with any game is they repetition element. However the new variation has made the gameplay exciting and the new D.L.C map packs should be as good.


Story – ★★★★★★★ 7/10 Online Multiplayer – ★★★★★★★★ 8/10 Co-op – ★★★★★★★★ 8/10 accesibilty – ★★★★★★★★★ 9/10

Overall ★★★★★★★★ 8/10

Reviewed by Tripod


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