Far Cry 3 Review


Far Cry 3

Available on: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Release date: November 29th 2012

players: 1-2 [online co op 2-4]

Pegi 18

1000 Gamerscore


Back Of Cover Text

July 9th, 2012 @ 04:56:41

Face your insanity!

Stranded on an island at the edge of the world your friends are taken captive,

and psychotic warlords are on your trail. Fighting to escape this beautiful but dangerous paradise,

you’ll have to confront who you really are…


Zero’s Thoughts

Now having never played any of the series, and knowing literally nothing about the game, all i had seen before i played it was the fron cover, but its been highly rated and recommended by a number of friends, i thought id’e give it a try. my god i was glad i did just hearing the soundtrack the day before i played got me exited it was a great soundtrack its one of those albums where its just got that epic sound that’s better than the majority of Movies out there. The Game Also Features Skrillex, Damnien Marley And Many More.


The game starts off you and your brothers and some friends are on a tropical island your getting away having a laugh partying drinking and having the time of your life, you and your friends all decide to go skydiving and thats when things went bad, i will not ruin the story for you im not that mean, but got to say of all the villains in video games, Vaas Montenegro (as seen on front cover of title) is one of my favourites, you can never tell what he is going to do one minute he could be complimenting a girl on her looks, the next thing you know she is tied up like a target while he aims a rocket launcher at her close range. he is very violent psychotic, addicted to drugs, works for a man called Hoyt Volker, and well Vaas is just comical, you will have to see him for yourself.

The Far Cry Experience

32578-far_cry_3_the_far_cry_experienPrior to the launch of far cry they decided to do real life far cry videos called:

The Far Cry Experience

you can check this out on youtube its quite comical and stars the guy who voiced over and played as Vaas and also stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse A.k.a MC-LOVIN! its very good.

but my hat definitely goes off to Michael Mando (Vaas) he did an excellent performance in the show and made me root for the villain again one more time.

All in all a great game one for the games rack for sure!



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