Sleeping Dogs review

Sleeping Dogs

What’s up guys, zero here aka Pedro aka Craig!

my first review so go easy on me

Ok so a friend of mine recently reccommended sleeping dogs

he said if  I am a  fan of G.t.a and Saints row then this is a game I must play,

I really liked the graphics it goes into quite a bit of detail, from getting blood splatted on your clothes/face after killing someone with a kitchen knife, to looking like a drowned rat after running after mobsters in the rain,

and the soundtrack is quite good, there’s not too many games out there that have real radio stations instead of made up stations for example while racing i was listening to Kerrang radio

anyway enough about the graphics and soundtrack, lets talk about the story

it starts off you are playing as Wei Shen, and undercover police officer, who has started his new case,

you leave the U.S.A and venture back home to Hong Kong to go undercover and take down the triad bosses,

letting nothing stop you achieving your task, and of course beating the crap out of some of your old acquaintances.

learning new combo’s and meeting new people, but your not just doing police tasks like just arresting people,

to get the triads to trust you and move up in the ranks, you also must do some triad tasks such as extortion and take down rival gangs and bosses.

overal the game is awesome if you ask me, the graphics the soundtrack, the game play the plot, even the d.l.c is pretty good

its one I would definitely put on The Games Rack.



2 responses to “Sleeping Dogs review

    • Glad you like it dude I will actually finish it and do some more on some other game aswel

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